Money Matters

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Money DOES matter and with recent welfare reform changes together with an increase in food prices and energy bills the same amount of money has to now go further….

Here are some ideas to help reduce costs and make the most of every penny!

Affordable Warmth

Don’t just accept that your gas and electric bills have gone up – SHOP AROUND

A community based not for profit scheme that relies on people power. The more people that join the better the deal will be.

Are you eligible to a £135 rebate on your energy bills?

A government funded scheme to help those who are living on a low income. Some people will automatically qualify others will need to apply depending upon their individual circumstances.

Do you have Oil Fired Central Heating?

Following the success of last years affordable warmth campaign, we have continued to partner with Shropshire Rural Community Council and the local Credit Unions to offer an Affordable Warmth Scheme.

Should you require help to fill up your tank this winter you can apply to either Fairshare or Just Credit Union for an affordable loan of £300 (subject to criteria). The RCC have grants available to help part fund your next purchase of oil. (Terms and conditions apply)

The Shropshire Rural Community Council also run a bulk buying scheme where they can negotiate cheaper oil prices for anyone with an oil tank who live in or on the border of Shropshire.

More details can be found on their website.

Prepaid Meters – Are you using it correctly?

Most suppliers give you between £6 - £10 emergency credit in case you run out. It’s important not to use this too often as during the time in emergency credit you aren’t paying your standing charge (the cost of being connected to your supplier). This means that when you do top up next time some of your credit will be used to pay your backdated standing charges and this can seriously affect your budgeting.

Affordable Credit

If you need to borrow a small sum of money consider approaching your local Credit Union.

In Shropshire we have two Credit Unions who lend money at an affordable rate of interest and encourage you to save whilst repaying your loan. They consider each application on an individual basis and will help you complete the appropriate forms.

01743 240403                               

 01743 252325

Affordable Money

If you are unsure whether you are getting the correct benefits and entitlements you can access the calculator below. This will give you an indication on whether there are other forms of income available to you.

If you are worried about debt there are organisations available to speak to you either over the phone or face to face if you prefer. There is no need to pay for debt advice the websites listed are free and confidential.

How much does renting your home from STAR cost?

Rent £70 - £100 per week

Gas & Electric




Contact us if you want some help to budget, manage your money or just some basic money advice.

West Midlands Contractor Helping to Spark Bright Futures

Star Housing's electrical contractors, The Dodd Group, have generously donated £500 to New Century Court our Supported Living Accommodation for Young People.

Chimney Safety Week

Chimney Safety Week focuses on the importance of chimney sweeping and appliance maintenance, the use of quality fuels and tips to get the most efficiency from appliances. Read more about this feature here.

Trevor's Downsizing Relief

Trevor, who is one our senior customers here at STAR had just gone through a great personal loss and was beginning to struggle but with Stephanie’s help he has a new positive outlook. Read more of the story here

Reducing Missed Repair Appointments

Figures have been released showing the level of appointments our repair operatives haven't been able to complete because customers are not at home. This comes after reminder text messages have been sent on booking of the appointment and the day befor

Taking a strong stance against anti-social behaviour and drug use

A Closure Order has been secured on a property in Swan Lane, Oswestry after Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing (STAR Housing), working closely with West Mercia and Merseyside Police and with support from Shropshire Council’s Legal team, took action a


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