Proud to support Family Safety Week

Accidents are the biggest killer of children and young people. Every week at least one child under-5 is killed because of an accident, with disadvantaged children most at risk.

This week (23 April to 27 April 2018), RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), are shining a spotlight on simple things you can do to stop your child becoming an accident statistic. They’re also sharing advice on good safety habits to get into, and the things you really need to buy to help keep your little ones safe.

Find out more about the week here.

It’s an awareness campaign that we’re keen to support, so we thought that it would be useful to share tips on how you can keep your family safe in the event of a fire within your home.

Fire safety is important to us. Not surprisingly, older people and children are most at risk:

Tip #1 Smoke detectors act as your first warning in the event of a fire so please test yours regularly to ensure they are working properly.

Tip #2 All our properties are fitted with carbon monoxide detectors. We check these annually during your heating service, but it is your responsibility to test these in between and ensure that they are working properly.

Tip #3 Escape routes should be planned even if you never have to use them. Make your children and other dependents aware of what to do in an emergency.

Tip #4 If you have communal areas do not clutter up stairwells, landings and corridors, especially with items that may easily catch fire.

Tip #5 Never leave children alone in the house, and encourage all your family and visitors to be aware of safety.

For further information and advice, please visit

West Midlands Contractor Helping to Spark Bright Futures

Star Housing's electrical contractors, The Dodd Group, have generously donated £500 to New Century Court our Supported Living Accommodation for Young People.

Chimney Safety Week

Chimney Safety Week focuses on the importance of chimney sweeping and appliance maintenance, the use of quality fuels and tips to get the most efficiency from appliances. Read more about this feature here.

Trevor's Downsizing Relief

Trevor, who is one our senior customers here at STAR had just gone through a great personal loss and was beginning to struggle but with Stephanie’s help he has a new positive outlook. Read more of the story here

Reducing Missed Repair Appointments

Figures have been released showing the level of appointments our repair operatives haven't been able to complete because customers are not at home. This comes after reminder text messages have been sent on booking of the appointment and the day befor

Taking a strong stance against anti-social behaviour and drug use

A Closure Order has been secured on a property in Swan Lane, Oswestry after Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing (STAR Housing), working closely with West Mercia and Merseyside Police and with support from Shropshire Council’s Legal team, took action a


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