Making space for your car

We know that it’s important for you to be able to park near to your home.

We are increasingly being asked to provide parking. When most of the council houses were built, the majority of people did not have cars. However, now most households have at least one car.

Because of this, we are starting to review our old garage sites to increase the number of parking spaces available. This will include installing bollards to offer you allocated paid for spaces.

Why are we charging for these spaces?

It’s important that the spaces are regularly maintained to ensure that they remain useable, well into the future. Unfortunately, this costs money, and whilst we don’t want to pass this, cost onto you - we have to.

We will however promise that the price you pay for your space will be as little as possible and will just cover the costs of maintaining it, and not anything else.

We have always parked there for free…

We have previously not invested in our garage sites as we do not have enough funds to do so.

By charging a small amount, we can now put that money aside to re-invest in these areas, making them much more accessible for everyone who needs a space to park.

Please read our parking bay policy for more information.

Our paid for parking spaces

We currently have spaces available to hire at our new development Oswald Court off College Road in Oswestry, Ash Grove and Pitchford Road, both in Albrighton.

Rent-free fortnight – March 2018

It’s rent-free fortnight from 19 March 2018. As long as you are up to date with your rent payments, you won’t have to pay during these weeks.

Snow & Ice Warnings in March 2018

There are warnings for snow and ice this weekend, which may result in an increased number of heating breakdowns and calls to our repairs teams. Here are some tips on how you can help yourselves and us.

Need help keeping warm?

With more cold weather forecast this weekend it may be worth finding out if you could be eligible for a Cold Weather Payment – and there’s still time to apply (just).

Be part of the Great British Spring Clean

Friday (2 March 2018) marked the start of the Great British Spring Clean, a national campaign with a simple aim: to bring people across the country together to clear up the litter that blights our towns, villages, countryside and beaches.

Making space for your car

We know that it’s important for you to be able to park near to your home.


New Rents Calendar

Download and print our new rents calendar, helping you to keep on top of your payments

Next Board meeting Tuesday 24th April 2018

The next meeting of the STAR Housing Board is on Tuesday 24th April 2018

Next Development Subcommittee meeting Tuesday 8th May 2018

The next meeting of the Development Subcommittee is on Tuesday 8th May 2018

Next Finance, Audit & Risk Subcommittee Meeting 23rd April 2018

The next meeting of the Finance, Audit &Risk Subcommittee meeting is on Monday 23rd April