Oswestry Residents Group Continues to Flourish and Grow

Trees Estate Group the residents

The Trees Resident Group is celebrating a string of recent successes in their community.

The group from Oswestry first met in August 2016 after forming a partnership with us to try and tackle the issues that had been affecting their community for some time.

In a growing list of improvements made within the community, the group have managed to install a grit bin and replace old and damaged bins on Chestnut Avenue. This is following recent poor weather and the damage done to the bins already in the area by acts of anti-social behaviour.

Local drugs problems that were concerning residents are beginning to reduce with anti-social behaviour also on the decline, this is in no small part down to the residents group work alongside ourselves and West Mercia Police.

The group have also addressed parking problems in the area, particularly the parking on the pavement on College Road which was leaving residents inconvenienced and disgruntled.

“We have all been working hard together since our first meeting in 2016 to help improve our communities and talk about the issues that concern us and our fellow tenants. We have experienced successes throughout our time as a group however we have recently seen some significant victories with a new grit bin and a reduction in anti-social behaviour of which we are very proud”

The partnership between The Trees Resident Group and ourselves is regularly publicised on our Facebook page which receives an average of 243 visits in a 36 hour time period.

Neighbourhoods Manager Martin Whitelegg has praised the ongoing efforts of the residents group “The Trees Residents Group are a prime example of how resident involvement can vastly improve our communities and we encourage our other communities to follow their lead”

The Trees estate consists of Fir Grove, Beech Grove, Hazel Grove, Lilac Grove, Hawthorn Grove, Pine Grove, Lime Grove, Chestnut Avenue, Maple Avenue, Laburnum Drive, Cherry Tree Drive, College Road, Holy Green and Sycamore Drive.

For more information about community involvement, residents groups near you or help with setting up your own, please visit http://www.starhousing.org.uk/community-and-involvement or call us on 01743 210205        

Oswestry Residents Group Continues to Flourish and Grow

The Trees Resident Group is celebrating a string of recent successes in their community.

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Next Board meeting Tuesday 27th November 2018

The next meeting of the STAR Board is on Tuesday 27 November 2018