Board and Senior Management Team

Our Board of Directors play an important role for STAR Housing.  The Board has ultimate responsibility for the whole organisation, including:

  • monitoring priorities and performance
  • setting annual budgets
  • watching over risk and internal controls
  • helping STAR achieve its visions and values

The Board is made up of three Shropshire Council Members, three tenant members, three independent members and one staff member.  

Board Subcommittees

The subcommittees are made up of 5 Board members, along with members of staff from relevant departments, Please click on the following links to view the agenda and minutes from these meetings.

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Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing Constitution

Board Code of Conduct

Board and Subcommittee Meeting Dates

Board Minutes
Development Subcommittee and Finance, Audit & Risk Subcommittee

The subcommittees are made up of 5 Board members, along with members of staff from relevant departments, Please click on the following links to view the minutes from these meetings.

Margaret Wright Vice Chair

Margaret Wright

Chair of the Board - Independent Board Member

Nicki Barker Chair

Nicki Barker

Vice Chair of the Board - Tenant Board Member

Anne Maltby

Ann Maltby

Tenant Board Member

Charlotte Parry Tenant

Charlotte Parry

Tenant Board Member

Richard Grounds Independent

Richard Grounds

Independent Board Member

John Wood Independent

John Wood

Independent Board Member

Elliott Lynch Shropshire Council

Cllr Elliott Lynch

Shropshire Council Board Member

Paul Kelly Shropshire Council

Paul Kelly

Shropshire Council Board Member

Robert Macey

Cllr Robert Macey

Shropshire Council Board Member

Emma Jones

Emma Jones

Staff Board Member

Sue Adams Managing Director1

Sue Adams

Managing Director

Steve Ogram2

Steve Ogram

Director of Finance and Resources

Angela Douglas

Angela Douglas

Asset Manager

Teresa Dagnall Finance Manager1

Teresa Dagnall

Finance Manager

Text Messaging for our repairs service

Our repairs team will send you a text message when you report a repair to us, to confirm your appointment and then one to remind you the day before.

Save water and save money

Saving water can be an easy process. The smallest changes can make a huge difference overtime. Remember, around 25% of your energy bill comes from heating water - so being efficient can help cut down on bills too!

Celebrating community champions – we need your photographs

We’re on the lookout for your photographs as part of this year’s National Federation of ALMOs (NFA) Photography Competition.

New kit for Oswestry Boys and Girls football club thanks to Community Chest funding

Oswestry Boys and Girls Club – under 8’s players are sporting a new sponsored kit, thanks to an award of just over £529 from our Community Chest fund.

Struggling this January?

Did you spend more than you expected this Christmas? The Money Advice Trust has some helpful tips on how to prepare for next year...


New Rents Calendar

Download and print our new rents calendar, helping you to keep on top of your payments

Next Board meeting Tuesday 27th February 2018

The next meeting of the STAR Housing Board is on Tuesday 27th February 2018